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Portable Ultrasound Machine

Portable Ultrasound Machine

Many of medical equipment company released new product with latest technology to make the customer interest to buy their product, including an imaging machine such as portable ultrasound machine.

Ultrasound machine is an Imaging system used by the medical team in the hospital or clinics that provided high frequency sound waves to massage and stimulate tissue several inches beneath the skin’s surface. Imaging is one of the most important parts of medical diagnosis and includes such techniques as ultrasound, x-ray, MRI and various body scans.

Ultraound machine commonly used in obstetrics, cardiology (echocardiography), neurology, ICU and emergency departement. In early trend of ultrasound machine, many company as medical equipment supplier made their ultrasound machine's product in large or big size, but nowdays the small size ultrasound machine (pocket size and laptop size) called as portable ultrasound machine became very popular in the market place.

Using a portable ultrasound machine is a popular method of examining the body that uses sound waves to see structures inside the body without using any radiation. The use of portable ultrasound on the rise both due the availability of used machines at a fraction of their original cost and due to the huge improvements in portable ultrasound image quality over the last few years.

The reason of buying the portable ultrasound machine was descripted with many doctors, "portable ultrasound machine can be moved around easily, allows the user for use them in multiple locations and being lightweight allows for easy transport".


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