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Portable Ultrasound Machine

Portable Ultrasound Siemens Pocket Acuson P10

Siemens Medical Solutions company which located in Germany launched a Pocket Ultrasound 'Acuson P10' on October, 2nd 2007. The Acuson P10 system revolutionizes existing assessment and examination protocols via the extension of the physical exam in cardiology, emergency medicine care and obstetrics.

Portable Ultrasound Siemens Pocket Acuson P10 is an ultrasound system that offers physicians, nurses, EMTs and clinical professionals a brand-new screening tool. It has all the features of a portable ultrasound machine in a device the size of a PDA.

The Acuson P10 is a portable ultrasound machine that used to support medical team to get fast diagnostic, especially in emergency situation. The Siemens Pocket Acuson P10 has features such as fundamental and harmonic 2D-mode that will give High-quality images with a black-and-white monitor and delivers information via a flip-up LCD display that measures 3.7 inches diagonally.

  1. For the cardiology department, the ACUSON P10 enables you to visualize basic anatomy, function, and effusion as part of an initial patient assessment, routine follow-up, or in pre/post procedure care in the ICU/CCU.
  2. For an emergency medicine system, the ACUSON P10 system eliminates the usual delays in assessing free fluid, cardiac activity, and AAA, as well as enabling ultrasound guidance for para/thora-centesis.
  3. For the obstetrics purpose, the ACUSON P10 system gives physicians and midwives a quick and comprehensive overview on fetal positioning, anatomy, heart beat, fluid levels and placenta location during labor or routine office visits.

Portable Ultrasound Siemens Pocket Acuson P10 System Features ;
  • Designed for ease of use with an intuitive PDA-style user interface
  • Ready anywhere, anytime with instant power-up
  • Industry-standard USB port for information sharing, upgrades
  • At 1.6 lbs (.725kg), the first pocket ultrasound device

Portable Ultrasound Siemens Pocket Acuson P10 is easy to use, Use it anywhere, anytime, during regular office exams, on rounds and in trauma settings. The system of Acuson P10 is similar to a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

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