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Portable Ultrasound Machine

Portable Ultrasound MobiUS TC2 MobiSante

Another product from MobiSante Inc, the Tablet Ultrasound MobiUS TC2, is not just a portable ultrasound because of compact and light design, the tablet is giving a new solutions and new tools for healthcare professional everywhere in the worlds to do quick procedures on diagnosis.
The tablet Ultrasound MobiUS TC2 with display 10” (1024×768) touch screen and dimensions 9.9” x 7.6” x 0.6” (25.15 cm x 19.3 cm x 1.5 cm), just 2 lbs weight (without probe). Resolution image of ultrasound up to 600×640 and can storage image up to 32 GB. The battery cans continuously scan time over 2.25 hours with network connectivity by Wi-Fi or Gigabit Ethernet and can share the images through Email, network or USB.

The tablet ultrasound MobiUS TC2, is not only expedites diagnosis, but also guides injections, aspirations and line placements. With the touch-screen user-interface is extremely straightforward clinically apply for;
  • Routine screening; bladder volume, AAA, cellulitis, abscess vs, DVT and carotid intimal thickness.
  • Trauma; screen for cardiac tamponade, hasten diagnosis, treatment of hemorrhage and pneumothorax.
  • Abdominal or pelvic pain; scan appendix, kidney, pancreas and gallbladder.
  • MSK; the ultrasound will guided the joint injections and aspirations. It will improve outcomes and efficiency by assessing injury and the function where it happens.
  • IV placement; help for central and the peripheral vascular access.
  • Ob/Gyn; it can assess fetal lie and viability, also monitor uterus and ovaries during infertility treatment.
  • Lumbar puncture, thoracentesis and paracentesis.

The Ultrasound-guided procedures will help more accurate, increases efficiency and decreases complication on biopsies, incision and drainage of the abscesses, as well as localization and removal of foreign bodies. And in anesthesia, will help faster onset of anesthesia by directly visualizing the nerve and drug delivery that will increased patient comfort with better outcomes.

More info, click here or visit the ultrasound video.

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