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Portable Ultrasound Machine

Portable Ultrasound Philips CX50 CompactXtreme

Philips as diversified health and well-beingcompany based in Netherlands, has focusing on improving people's live through meaningfull innovations.With brand promises "sense and simplicity", Philips has produced a New Portable Ultrasound Machine CX50 CompactXtreme. The system was designed for critical study requirements and performence eveywhere you need it.

New specially designed portable ultrasound  CX50 CompactXtreme, can give you clear diagnostic data with highly image quality need for diagnostic confidence wherever a quick response are needed.

The CX50 is designed to make portable exams easy and efficient. One-button iSCAN automatically optimizes 2D and Doppler data for new levels of clarity for your portable studies. On-board QLAB provides advanced analysis capabilities during and after exams.

New portable ultrasound CX50 CompactXtreme has advanced technology;

  • PureWave Transducer, with purer crystal, more uniform, have lower losses and able to transfer energy with greater precision and efficency. Compared with other conventional ones, purewave crystal has benefits; highly accurate anatomical data, increased diagnostic confidence and increased productivity.

  • SonoCT imaging, has unique imaging technology uses transmit beam-steering techniques to obtain coplanar, tomographic images from different viewing angles, then combines these micro-angulated images into a single compounded image at real-time frame rates. So real tissue information is reinforced while random artifacts are virtually eliminated. It is provide accurate and precise clinical data.

  • XRES adaptive image processing, is a true adaptive image-processing technique using an amazing 350 million calculations per frame of data. The result is images virtually free from noise, with extraordinary clarity and border definition. Combined with SonoCT, these extraordinary technologies enhance even the subtlest diagnostic features, helping to overcome common challenges in evaluating tissue and defining pathology, while making it even easier to achieve higher clinical accuracy and productivity gains.

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